Logitech G403 Prodigy Best FPS Gaming Mouse 2017 Review

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How is it to use? Good is a sad, but relatively accurate answers. To go from Chaos Spectrum which in my case is perhaps a little unfair comparison as it was one of the year’s best mice. But the truth is that for the price that some G403 is on other options to look at. This applies perhaps primarily the cable fittedĀ variant, then it, in my opinion, there are few really good Cordless options and where can G403 Wireless be in your thoughts.


As many of the Logitech G’s other products, there is a perfectly good piece of software where you can set things like DPI and RGB lighting. There is also the ability to record sessions when you are playing and then see which buttons you use the most and how much. You can also customize the type of surface you play on, and stay on top of the battery. What I am missing, or I at least not discovered, was that the mouse was not warned by the lighting when it was time to plug in the charger. Admittedly, it pops up a box in the right corner when the battery level is low, but then you must have the software up and running. G231 has an internal memory, so you can take it and plug in any computer, without having to fiddle with the settings or software. It is nice.

Users of mice, and perhaps above all gamers, have very different taste and opinion, and therefore it is difficult to say that Logitech G403 Prodigy Best FPS Gaming Mouse 2017 is a very comfortable or uncomfortable the mouse to use. You simply grab one at time and feel it. I personally prefer Logitech’s more expensive variant; previously mentioned Chaos Spectrum.

– The PMW3366 sensor, best sensor imo.
– Great build quality.
– Nice software.
– The mouse switches are nice.
– Two thumb buttons.

– Gloss gets dirty.
– Things get caught in between small gaps and it bothers me.

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