Google Pixel XL Phone 128GB Quite Black Review and Price

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So a few of the advantages of Google Pixel, it’s time to talk about the weaknesses of Google Pixel.


Google Pixel actually looks perfect by means of promotion of the specifications. Perfection of hint disappear because Google Pixel not equipped with several features that are very important, such as external memory, infrared and radio. Three functions are almost never used, but for many, perhaps with options of the past is essential and necessary.

Yes, for example, features exterior memory is certainly very important, because it comes to the issue of systems for the storage of information and media. When the memory capacity is exhausted, so will direct consumers save his problems again. However, don’t fret because now there is a cloud service that storage in the cloud.

Well, Google Pixel is even situation, as the external memory does not give, they decided to cloud storage service for free and unlimited, known as Google-image. With Google’s photo, it saves you pics and vids without fear that filled the empty space in memory.


Google Pixel is still very acceptable for everyday use. That’s because Google Pixel specifications sufficiently is complete. So, you can be confident that the device will haunt Google fan lower Google Pixel compared to other Android phones. Well, that people with the value 8 Google Pixel (range 1-10).


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