Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unlocked Phone 128 GB Review and Price

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New dual camera like a few Android OEMs with a two-camera adopts the layout of Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unlocked Phone 128 GB other than little brother sets the maximum. Like the previous devices, iPhone 7 Plus Also shooting modes available is quite large with a number of video capable of taking. OIS video are mostly remains constant and video detail and clarity in terms of the rich does a great job. Of course, there are also 240 fps 120 FPS slow motion or even 720 p Full HD video shooting capability compared to the iPhone and other smart phones 7 plus huge video taking a breeze.




  • Water resistant metal housing
  • Apple A10 Fusion delivers amazing performance chip
  • For the big game
  • Super durable solid construction
  • With great sound stereo speakers
  • Upgraded storage options
  • The second Fantastic telephoto camera lens
  • Impressive battery life


  • No headphone jack
  • 3DTouch takes home page button
  • Call quality is debatable
  • Dated and boring design
  • Large frames to make a phone this big

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