2016 LG V20 Smartphone LTE Android 7.0 Review and Price

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If you are looking for a versatile device to create content, LG is a special high-gain microphones and a fantastic manual controls can even increase the 2016 LG V20 Smartphone LTE over Google and Samsung is the best phones, producing a phone that doesn’t like.

Design and Style

Readily available in three colors (pink, silver and grey), this phone is not an ugly aluminum body or annoying to hold, but when compared with last year’s V10, which in fact experienced rear grippy silicon and shiny metal edges that V20 or cashed in personality.


Many people may be bothered by the lack of the side lock V20 but I think you need to attain around still connect to phone fingerprint scanner, I do not think it is really that big a deal.

Each easily removed-battery fanatics should be readily available to realize that the V20 is, in fact, the only real big display phone with power load up you can change your own.

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2016 LG V20 Smartphone LTE 5.7 inch quad-HD water crystal display is in fact from the fine search, using optimum lighting 512 nits, it makes no sense to bother with the outer scope. (A much better exhibits are usually easier to detect in live fine).

The Overall Performance

4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal storage, the 2016 LG V20 Smartphone LTE is certainly not hurting too much, because the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820. The standards it does very much, as the other ships of the Android mobile phone, as well as in a real existence, online games and online searches was smooth and elegant. My current addiction portable applications, The Exorcist Universe of Heroes, run quickly, and also open folders in desltop was slowed only by means of animation events LG user interface.

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